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Why Genesis Housing Services?

We are a nonprofit, (formerly HUD approved) 501 (c)(3), housing/financial counseling agency that provides direction and education for housing as well as for all financial matters. We make it easy to have a manageable financial plan as well in the preparation of owning a home.

Our mission is simple, and achievable, as our team strives to ensure that we do everything we can to help educate you so you can make wise decisions in regards to a home and your financial future. We understand that the nature of owning a home can be straining, in terms of financing. We have, thus, incorporated the education and counseling part of financing your home. Our services prove to be a benefit for those we serve.

Staying with our purpose, which is to provide education, counseling, guidance, training, loss mitigation, resources, management of debt and financial know how, to matters pertaining to housing and generating an income you cannot out live. We know that the home buying process can be very stressful without any help or assistance from a neutral third party. We, at Genesis Housing Service understand such difficulties therefore, we dedicate our resources, experience and knowledge to help families evaluate the purchase of a home, and most important, do so without any kind of financial strain. Keeping in mind your financial future.

Our services, in many cases, are free as we offer counsel, direction and services to those who request our help.

At Genesis Housing Services, we tend to approach your problem in a detailed manner. This makes it easy for us to educate you accordingly, on matters relating to your finances. We have reliable online training tools that will help you make wise decisions for a better life.

We will help you improve your credit, which saves you money, reduce debt you may have, have less financial stress and have a smart money plan.

Pre-Purchase Education / Counseling

Genesis Housing Services provides affordable education to prepare for homeownership. Either in person or on-line you can be educated and prepared to make a smart home purchase.

Contact us at to begin the process of getting you prepared to purchase a home.

Pre-foreclosure Counseling

If you are having difficulty making your home loan payment(s) and would like to talk with us about possible solutions to help, we will need more information to properly guide you. We will need you to complete and provide initial paperwork which will allow us to begin helping you.

Please email and request help. That will begin the process of helping you.

We can help you if you take action, don’t give up.