“Save Our Home AZ” (SOHAZ) program, by Genesis Housing Services

We are at the front lines, in ensuring that homeowners get the best financial advice in keeping homes. This explains why the States of Arizona has the SOHAZ program in place. This is specially designed for those who have lost their income or have their income has been reduced. Many homeowners in Arizona have or are facing problem. We, at Genesis Housing Services, have set up this program for the betterment of such families. This program may help you as the State of Arizona has set aside up to $100,000 to help same your home, if you qualify. This program is designed to help families that are underemployed and unemployed.

This amount, in assistance, is offered to homeowners in several ways:

• One part of assistance will pay your full monthly home loan payment to your lender on your behalf. Or, you may be required to pay a portion of your payment and the State will pay a portion. Thus you and the State the share in making the full payment to your lender. Either way you will save your home. This assistance can last up to two full years allowing you to gain full time employment again. This relieves the pressure of not know how you will make the payment, all the while can help save your home. As with all of the SOHAZ assistance, you must meet the qualifications they have established

• SOHAZ program can help by the possibility of settling your second mortgage in full, if you have one. To qualify, your situation must meet the qualifications of the program.

• If your situation calls the sale of your home and you owe more that the value of your home, you might qualify for what is called “Short Sale” assistance. The SOHAZ program can give you $4,500 to help with your move and any other costs.

• Those homeowners that qualify for HARP 2.0 refinance, SOHAZ assistance would provide up to $100,000, paid to your current lender, to pay down the balance of your current loan so you can get a new loan at a lower rate and lower balance. Thus saving your home. This is known as principal reduction.

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