Pre-Foreclosure Counseling


Our certified counselors are trained to assist a homeowner who may be facing a hardship and having difficulty paying their mortgage payment. We educate homeowners of the foreclosure process and what options may be available to you. We provide  counseling to enable the homeowner to resolve mortgage delinquency, modify your loan, or  transition to alternate housing. There is no charge for pre-foreclosure counseling.

Pre-Purchase Counseling / Education


Genesis Housing Services provides individual counseling and an on-line education course for those who are considering buying or those already in the home buying process. We will provide you with information and teach you the skills needed to make an affordable and smart purchase. Once you purchase a home, counselors are available for continued counseling services with issues such as refinancing and financial management.

Post Purchase Counseling


If you have questions about your current mortgage, refinancing, or obtaining another loan, we can discuss with you to determine what is the best option for you. We will need information about your current loan and your goals in order to provide this service.

Credit Counseling


If you have questions about credit score, credit reporting or if you believe you have been hurt by inaccurate reporting, we will discuss with you, review your credit report, and develop an action plan with you to ensure your credit is reporting accurately.
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